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Member Spotlight: Clifford Barnes

Clifford Barnes

As the nation’s aging population drives the demand for patient-centered and value-based health care, attorney Clifford Barnes is advising post-acute health care providers, other providers, and Medicaid managed care companies on meeting the need. Cliff has practiced health care law since its inception; his big-picture and practical insights add value to clients’ innovations, from product inception to rollout to ongoing operation.

Clients rely on his guidance in acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, and related regulatory compliance as they expand access to care and their businesses. The transformation of hospices, home health care, palliative services, and nursing homes comes with new risks. Cliff is identifying—and mitigating—the exposure clients face, guiding them through organizational restructures and negotiating strategic partnerships and agreements with programs. Cliff is also advising clients on health equity and value-based strategic and agreements. Boards of directors and company leaders value his business practicality and embrace of good opportunities. Startup companies also rely on Cliff’s bootstrap-friendly, outside general counsel advice to bring their products and services to market.

Cliff’s former service as an administrator in the New York City Health Department spurred his interest in health care law and underserved communities. A co-founder of the Medicaid Health Plans of America, Inc., Cliff is focusing his industry leadership on the intersection of Medicaid and managed care with expansion of mental health care provided by members of the national trade association. Cliff shares clients’ commitment to the public and the creation of systemic solutions to health care challenges.

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