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Member Spotlight: Dommond Lonnie

Dommond Lonnie

The language of the law is often complex. The language of technology, science, medicine, and economics can be even more so. Dommond Lonnie's ability to simplify those complexities in products liability, toxic tort, class action, and other consequential cases is a big reason he is so effective in defending his clients' interests. Dommond's powerful courtroom advocacy and mastery of the issues have led to a lengthy track record of success in jurisdictions across the country.

While Dommond's clients appreciate his cost-effective and creative strategies when they face substantial exposure in catastrophic injury cases, they also value his frank, actionable, and responsive counsel. He prides himself on telling clients what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear, so that they can make informed, thoughtful decisions.

A careful listener and quick study, Dommond immerses himself in every detail and angle of a claim while never forgetting that strategic choices can have business implications that go far beyond the matter at hand.

Particularly known for his work in automotive liability cases and his defense of original equipment manufacturers, Dommond has represented numerous domestic and foreign businesses and has substantial product liability experience in matters involving crashworthiness, airbags and restraints, fires, suspensions, tires, rollovers, brakes, and fuel systems. Dommond's work in such cases has earned him recognition by Legal 500 US 2022 as one of the top four lawyers in the United States for automotive litigation, recognized as a “Hall of Fame” lawyer. Dommond establishes strong, enduring connections with his clients, but he also develops productive working relationships with opposing counsel that facilitate early, efficient resolutions and minimize avoidable, costly, and tangential disputes. A consummate professional and gifted advocate, Dommond's hard work and personal commitment have paid dividends for clients in countless matters.

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